Samtskhe-Javakhetiball is a region of Georgia-icon Georgiaball, created in the 1990's by Samtskheball and Armenia-icon (division) Javakhetiball being joined together. He has a slight split personality as a result.


Samtskhe-Javakhetiball born as a 2ball, adopted by Diaeuhiball, Parthiaball, Persiaball, Kingdom of Georgiaball, Russian Empireball, Transcaucasiaball, Sovietball and Georgiaball.

Samtskheball was originally part of Diauhiball, ancestor of Georgiaball. Was passed from empireball to empireball, never being into independence really. Once had kebab living on his clay, but Sovietball removed the kebab in the 1940's.

Armeniaball considers Javakhetiball a little brother as he has a large Armenian population, but is content to let him live with Georgiaball. The two did fight over him in 1918, but the fighting stopped when Sovietball swallowed everyone in the region. He also sometimes feels like being independent like South Ossetiaball and Abkhaziaball, but Georgiaball hasn't pissed him off enough to try rebelling yet. For now all's well between him and his brother and adoptive father.

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