San Diegoball is a major city on the southwestern corner of California-icon Californiaball.

He considers himself as the sane big cityball in Californiaball.

Tijuanaball is his best friend and twin on the other side of the border with Mexico-icon Mexicoball. San Diegoball and Tijuanaball were separated shortly after birth when USA-icon USAball and Mexico-icon Mexicoball went to war in the Mexican-American War.

Also, USA-icon USAball places his Navy and his Marines in San Diegoball's clay.


San Diegoball born as a 3-icon 3ball before becoming settlement of Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball. Then in 1821, Mexico-icon Mexicoball gained independence and claimed him.

USA-icon USAball then adopted him after the Mexican-American War and placed his navy base on him to keep an eye on Mexico-icon Mexicoball for a time.

Now, he invests his time serving USA-icon USAball's military, setting tourist traps, and zoo-keeping. He has his own major league baseball team, the Padres.

San Diegoball is also Geek Heaven for thousands of pop culture fans and celebrities who come to his clay every year for the big Comic-Con International convention.


  • California-icon Californiaball - Father
  • Los Angeles-icon Los Angelesball - Cocky, smoggy megalopolis in the North only alive because of his suburbs. I has better Mexican cuisine and surf culture, yuo are delusional. P.S. keep your LA traffic on your side of Camp Pendelton and stop stealing my sports teams. I hate you so much
  • San Francisco-icon San Franciscoball - Filthy liberal NorCal cityball that stole the Panama-Pacific Expo from me in 1915. My Balboa Park is better than yours and so is my bay bridge! It can into curves!
  • San Jose-icon San Joseball - Frenemy brother, NorCal, but is also overshadowed by a more "relavent" cityball. Gib tech start-ups.
  • Tijuanaball - My fraternal twin Mexican brother and BFF who I absolutely adore. We have shared appreciation of black and white animals. Let's me share his airport with me (and hopefully, maybe even his desal water). Important to note, he makes best Mexican food.
  • Oakland-icon Oaklandball - MLB rival with the Oakland Athletics.
  • Sacramento-icon Sacramentoball - Passes laws that ruin me. Stuck under San Francisco-icon San Franciscoball's thumb even though it's one of California's more conservative cityballs.
  • El Centroball - Agricultural cityball in my backyard that is part of my "bi-national mega-region" project with Baja California-icon Baja Californiaball.
  • Phoenix-icon Phoenixball - My desert friend, I have very friendly rivalries from him, but his environment is too hot for me.
  • Las Vegas-icon Las Vegasball - My rival in the tourism industry. At least I can into beaches.

How to draw

Draw San Diegoball is not hard.

  1. Divide the circle into three vertical stripes, red, white, and yellow.
  2. Draw the seal of San Diego in the center
  3. Write 1542 curved below the seal.
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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