Sanshaball is a cityball of Hainan-icon Hainanball, China-icon Chinaball, he manages Paracel Islands, Spratly-icon Spratlyball and Zhongsha Island, that is what 三沙 (Sansha) means.三 means three and is the general designation of 中沙/西沙/南沙 (Zhongsha/Paracel/Spratly islands). He is the largest city in total area and the smallest in land area (Great contrast, Hulunbuirball doesn't convince). He actually only made up of the three 沙. He is the least populous city in China.


Sansha born as 1-icon 1ball. When he was born, some of the balls from Southeast Asia tried to murder him.Fortunately, China-icon Chinaball tried to hide him so that other balls would regard him as rumour. He lived as county-cityball of Wenchangball until 2012, and became a real cityball that got formal birth, China-icon (subdivision) his father died at the same time.

His islands are occupied by other countryballs, he really needs help.




  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - Tried to kill me when I was born (not formal one), and tried to stole China-icon (subdivision) my capital. FESS ME I AM REAL! AND STOP STOLE MY OIL!!!
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - STOP TOUCHING MY CLAY until the day you became my clay.
  • Freedomlandball - Stinky Philippinesball who once steal and live on my clay, you may be tiny islandclay Kalayaanball of Philippinesball now but soon you will be future Sanshaball just like your papa
  • Hulun Buir-icon Hulunbuirball - Fess up that I am larger than yuo.
  • Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball - NO CLAY FOR YOU! And your hotel is mine.

Administrative divisions


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