Santa Catarinaball is a island stateball of Brazil-icon.png Brazilball. Santa Catarina has lowest rate of infant mortality,lowest economic inequality and illiteracy in Brazilball and it is considered an enriched state and has the sixth highest GDP of the country, with a varied economy and with strong affinities to the industrialization. An important export and consumption hub, it is one of the states that most expand in the Brazilian economy.

Its often drawn with Germany-related stuff (not all of it is Nazi), because of the strong German presence in the north and central parts of the state, while the southern region of the state has strong Italian influence and central coastal regions Portuguese-Azorean influence, and also the flag kinda looks like the flag of Austria-icon.png Austriaball's.


Santa Catarinaball was officaly born as a 3-icon.png 3ball, and then the Kingdom of Portugal-icon.png Kingdom of Portugalball, and then Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilian Empireball declared independence and then Brazil-icon.png Brazilball became a republic instead of a monarchy.


Freunde Amigos

  • Parana-icon.png Paranáball: Another separatist brother,and also meu amigo that shares some german culture with me.


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