Santa Cruzball is a provinceball of Argentina-icon Argentinaball. It lives in the southern part of Argentinaball and borders Chileball. He is Argentinaball's son, but Chileball always tries to kidnap him. Sometimes even Argentine Antarctica-icon Argentine Antarcticaball has to intervene. He is the birthplace and resting place of former president, Néstor Kirchner.

He is hated by his provinceball brothers, especially the ones living in Northern parts of Argentina-icon Argentinaball due to the whiteness of his snowy, tundra landscape. He has a hotel called "Alto Calafate".

It was revealed that his capital Río Gallegosball (birthplace and resting place of Néstor) and La Plataball (capital of Buenos Aires Provinceball and birthplace of CFK) were the founders of Argentinaball's worst nightmare (AKA Kirchnerreich).


Santa Cruzball was born as a 7-icon 7ball, later adopted by Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball and Argentinaball.

How to draw

Drawing Santa Cruzball isn't very simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Add some blue waves (with a white border) nearly the bottom
  3. Draw some mountains on a rising sun
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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