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[[Category:Malay Speaking Countryball]]
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Sarawakball is one of the two Malaysian stateballs on Borneo. The other being Sabahball located right from Sabahball. It is surrounded by Indonesiaball to it's south. Sarawak is also the largest stateball in Malaysiaball. The rich Bruneiball is completely surrounded by Sarawakball. He can also look over Indonesiaball but they think Sarawak is theirssiboh mimpi indon oii, don't even dream about it.

He formally wanted to join Malaysiaball, but now he regrets it. If he and Sabahball don't get equal developings and keeps getting his money and oil stealed, he and Sabahball will be independent.

Sarawakball can into very nyaman delicious food, such as laksa sarawak, midin, edible worms, and many more. It also can into dances, tourism and good music too.


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