Sardinia-Piedmontball was a Kingdom in the Now Italian territories of Sardinia and Piedmont. It was created in 1297 by Papal Statesball and immediatly granted to Aragonball. Then, after the Iberian Marriage, stayed under the rule of Spanish Empireball. A lot after, in 1720, it was made independent under the rule of the House of Savoy (Which is called now Piedmont, so at the time it was called Kingdom of Sardinia-Savoy). When First French Empireball occupied the mainland in the Napoleonic Wars, the King established permanent residence in Sardiniaball. After the Congress of Viennaball, recovered the mainland and even augmented it by being granted Liguriaballfrom Republic of Genoaball. Soon after, it formed the Kingdom of Italyball and moved its capital to Romeball