Up ewig ungedeelt.

Schleswig-Holsteinball (Schleswig-Holsteinkugel) is a stateball of Germany-icon Germanyball in northern Germany surrounded by sea and Nørdics not gibbing back Northern Schleswig.

He is member of the German Federation since 1946.


In the north of the Eider river settled the Angleballs and south of the Eider die Saxonballs. Some of the Anglos and Saxons went over to the British Eilanden and became the Ancestors of Englandball

After Denmark-icon Denmarkball took Sleswig for himself and left Holsten for the HRE-icon Holy Roman Empire, it was split in half. But when Sleswig's ally Denmark defeated Holstens ally Swedish Empire-icon Börk - err, Sweden -, Denmark anschlussed Holsten. For long time Holstein tried to decide between Denmark un Deutschland. When Kingdom of Prussia-icon Prussia in 1864 defeated Denmark, he finally could into German. Denmark got Northern Schleswig back after WWI. After losing WWII and losing Schlesien, Ostpreußen und Pommern, many refugees came in.

He was then occupied by UK-icon UKball along with Hamburg-icon Hamburg und Lower Saxony-icon Niedersachsen.

He later became part of Germany-icon West Germanyball and now Germany-icon Germanyball.

How to draw

  • Blue like the sea,
  • White like the sand,
  • Red like the rocks of Helgoland



  • Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball - Grandfather who brought me to the Reich by defeating Denmark-icon Denmarkball and built up my great harbours for WWI and also giving me the Kiel Canal.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Mien Father. Do ich have to say mehr?
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - Neighbor und Stepfather. Not gibing back North Schleswig
  • Lower Saxony-icon Niedersachsen - Fellow Bundesland und good Freund, one of the few of us who can into sea
  • Hamburg-icon Hamburg - Bundesland companion who also can into sea despite of landlocked. Guter friend but sometimes too arrogant


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