The Second Republic of Venezuelaball was a short-lived and an unrecognized South American country.

It was the stage of Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball where it declared the pronunciation of the "War to the death" (Guerra a Muerte) agreement, where any balls born in Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish main clay would be legally assasinated by Venezuelaballs. It is also currently appearing nowadays in protests to remove actual Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball government.


It all started after his First Republic of Venezuela-icon.png former entity got removed by the Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball.

But a year later after it's removal, Something happened, and it was alongside Granadine Confederation-icon.pngHis Brother, that he came back as the Second Republic of Venezuela-icon.pngSecond Republic of Venezuelaball, and got Caracas-icon.pngTrujillo-icon.png some territories to celebrate that.


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