Senkakuball (钓鱼岛/尖閣ボール) belongs to Chinaball (Taiwanball), but Japanball still keep claiming his clay.Ancient Chinaball found it first and saw him as his clay, but Japan found it in 1884 and stole him from China during First Sino-Japanese War until 1945 he returned it back.In recent years, Japanball tried to buy him from Chinaball but failed, and Japanball still want to try to anschluss him.

Senkakuball is also called Diaoyuball in China or Tiaoyutaiball in Taiwan. his name is fiercely disputed between Japanball, Chinaball, and Taiwanball.Chinaball claims that he was part of China since ancient times, and an old Japanese historian named 久保井くぼい規夫のりお (English: Norio Kuboi) prove it.

Senkakuball used to be managed by Taiwan-icon Taiwanball, but it seems that he can't manage him well so Chinaball reassigned him to Zhejiangball, Taiwanball finally accept its false and want Chinaball give him more opportunities, so he still keep claim of it.

Japanball and USAball holds joint military exercises in his clay, just in case Chinaball may soon cause trouble.


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