Seoulball is the capital and the most populated cityball of South Korea-icon South Koreaball. He has a lot of famous K-pop, plastic surgery, dramas and food. Seoulball also have the 16th highest population in the world.

Seoulball's clay is extremely popular among foreigners, for its easy transportation, vibrant culture and foreigner-friendly system.

China-icon Chinese tourists, and other tourists frequently visit Seoulball, and Seoul makes the most profitable city in Asia.


Seoulball was born as Wiryeseongball, capital of Baekjeball. As he was located in a strategic region, many countryballs fought over his clay.

Eventually, he was adopted by Joseonball as Hanseongball. Joseonball constructed a circular perimeter wall around Seoulball, as well as 8 gates. While much of the wall is destroyed, save for a section on Bugaksan (Bugak Mountain), some of his gates remain and have become popular tourist attractions. During the 19th century, after centuries of isolationism, Seoulball decided to open his gates to foreigner in order to modernize.

In the Annexation Treaty of 1910, Seoulball became the Japanese Colonial capital and was renamed again to Gyeongseongball, or Keijoball. The Empire of Japanball proceeded to tear down much of his ancient walls, as well as some of his gates. He was liberated by USAball in 1945, near the end of WWII.

During the Korean War, Seoulball changed hands between the North Korean/Chinese forces and the UN Coalition multiple times, leaving much of himself decimated completely. Due to this, South Koreaball's capital was temporarily moved to Busanball. A flood of refugees during the war also inflated his population to an estimated 1.5 million by 1955.

Following the war's conclusion, Seoulball attempted to focus on reconstruction. As South Koreaball's economy began to grow rapidly in the 1960s, Seoulball was further urbanized as workers began to move into Seoulball and other major cities. During the 1970s, Seoulball increased the size of his administrative region by anschlussing other, smaller towns' clay.

North Koreaball claimed Seoulball as his capital until 1972


위례(wirye) -> 한성(Hansung) -> 한양 (Hanyang) ->경성(Gyeongsung)-> 서울(seoul)





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