Shantou-iconShantouball is a SEZball and cityball of China-icon (subdivision) Guangdongball, China-icon Chinaball. He is also one of the members of“”.The meaning of his name is the head of Shan, but there is also a Shanwei-iconShanwei means the tail of Shan.


Shantou-icon Shantouball was born as a 1-icon 1ball, adopted by 1-icon Dynastic Chinaball, Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball and China-icon Chinaball. 1956~1991 was his glorious period.

1956~1991, Shantou-iconShantou Prefectureball, rules the whole Chaoshan region, he died in 1983 and Shantou-iconShantouball took over his job, but he is unbearable to deal with the independence of Jieyang-iconJieyangball and other cityballs, then he broke up into a smaller city in 1991, he lost his big eye and sunglasses from then on.

Nowadays, Shantouball is a developed cityball, and also the poorest ball of all the SEZball.



Here is only talk about kinships and clayship, but not relationships.


  • Jieyang-iconJieyangball: Poor person, he still needs my economy, but recently my chiefdom began to disappear year by year.How can I build a prestige in front of my apprentice???(Someday you will be mine)
  • Guangzhou-iconGuangzhouball: A rich person, maybe we can be friend.
  • Soviet-iconSovietball: He was also weak in the most powerful period, and was disintegrated in the same year, but he died and I was still alive.
  • Chaozhou-iconChaozhouball: Good mercantile partnership, we all teochewese.
  • China-icon (subdivision)Nan'aoball: Make me into tourism!


  • Guangzhou-iconGuangzhouball: You are not the number one!
    • Chaozhou-iconChaozhou: Xixixi...poorest SEZball.
    • Shantou-iconShantou: Shut up, almost poorest.
    • Chaozhou-iconChaozhou: o(╥﹏╥)o
  • Shanwei-iconShanweiball: There is not any relationship between he and me!He is not the tail and I am not the head!
  • Teochewese-iconDirector of A biography of heroes in Chaoshan: Thanks god!This kind of vulgar thing has not come to us!actually I WANT IT!!!

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