The Sheikhdom of Zubarahball, more known as Bani Utbahball or Utub Federationball was a former Arab tribal confederation centered in the city of Zubarah in Qatar-icon Qatar.


He declared independence from the Khalidi Emirate in 1732 as a city-state and began to expand his territories in 1783 conquering Bahrain-icon Bahrain from the Zand-icon Persians, which were planning to invade their capital Zubarah.

During the expansion of the Emirate of Diriyah, he was made a vassal of the Emirate in 1801, but then declaring independence again in 1818 with his fall and later expanding more, conquering the city of Mombasa from the Portuguese in 1837.

A new Saudi State, the Emirate of Nejd was founded in 1824 and started expanding again, then in 1840 the Sheikhdom was conquered again and was made a vassal of Nejd, later getting annexed in 1872 and eventually losing Bahrain to the UK-icon British Empire, ending his existance.

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