Shushaball/Shushiball is the second biggest city of Artsakhball, and was once its chief-town. It has a very strategic position in the mountains, overlooking his friend Stepanakertball.


Shushiball first mentioned by Armenian sources in 1400's. But it is said by other sources to have been the name of an Armenian villageball that was relocated to the spot where it is now by Persiaball, and renamed Pahanabadball. He was made the chief-town of Karabakh Khanateball under Persiaball, and was a key focal point in wars Karabakh Khanateball had against Ottomanball. Then Russian Empireball took him over in 1813, his name was changed back to Shushiball, and he was made to fight Persiaball some more, and was put under siege a few times by Persians. In 1800's he had a golden age, being bigger and more prosperous than either Erevanball or Bakuball. He was important cultural and educational center for both Armens and kebabs alike, and they tolerated each other.

In 20th century, Armenians and Kebabs started to fight over him, and once Russian Empireball fell, in 1919 First Republic of Armeniaball and the newly-made DR Azerbaijanball had a big war over Nagorno-Karabakhball. In 1920 DR Azerbaijanball made a pogrom, bombing Shushiball and killing as many as 30,000 Armenians. After Sovietball took over, Shushiball was mostly kebab, and nothing was done to rebuilt the Armenian side of Shushiball until the 1960's, when Armenians started to move back.

In early 1990's during the Nagorno-Karabakhball War, Azerbaijanball used Shushaball as a strategic spot to bomb Stepanakertball from its high mountains. When Armeniaball captured Shushaball on May 9th, 1992 it was a major turning point in the war. After this, kebab were removed and Shushaball returned to being an Armenian city, repopulated with refugees fleeing Azerbaijanball.

Azerbaijanball calls him Shushaball, but Armeniaball calls him Shushiball (and he calls himself this these days).

Is of not fully rebuilt yet today, but has been recovering since the ceasefire of the war in 1994. His population is growing.

How to draw

Shushi can into a coat of arms that is not easy to draw:

  • Draw a blue circle
  • Draw a white angel with trumpet and wings
  • Draw the eyes and you're finished.



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