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Siam-icon Siam

Siamball, or Rattanakosin Kingdomball, is or was a Thailand-icon Thai  kingdom. He's the only country to have remained indepent in Southeast Asia during the colonial period.


He was born in 1351, and his capital was Ayutthayaball. He was very small clay but in 1540 he expanded his clay by conquering Khmer Empire-icon Cambodiaball, Kingdom of Luang Phrabang-icon Laosball , Lanna-icon Lannaball, some southern part of Qing-icon Chinaball and some northern part of Johor-icon Malaysiaball. He had a lot of conflicts with his neighbour Dainam-icon Vietnamball and some Laotian villages.

In 1767 Burmaball (now Myanmar-icon Myanmarball) who has multiple personality disorder attacked and he lost because he wasn't well-prepared. Burmaball killed Ayutthayaball. Siamball lost just about all of his clay but some of his people survived and moved to Thonburiball, Thonburi became the new capitalball of Siamball. Burmaball who was still in disorder quickly attacked again but that time he won.

Siamball later moved his capitalball to Bangkokball or Rattanakosinball, now the current capitalball of Thailand-icon Thailandball. Siamball always tried to be modern during colonial age. He did not become colony but he lost Laos-icon Laosball and Cambodia-icon Cambodiaball to France-icon Franceball. In 1932 he changed his name to Thailandball, who exists to this day.





  • Dainam-icon Dainamball - My frenemy! I helped him during the Vietnamese civil war but then he became hateful to me. We fought each other on Khmer clay and both of us could into vassalizing Cambodia but then France-icon frogs came and took him away and stole all of my clay.
  • Konbaung-icon Konbaungball - He almost kill me. 1767 WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!
  • Red-icon Thonburiball - A short lived dynasty ruled bya weird king. He don't do much to me tho. But thanks for defeating Burma.
  • France-icon Franceball - He stole my clay, kill my peoples and try to colonize me and convert me to Catholicism! Remove!(NOOB)
  • UK-icon UKball - He also stole clay! Get lost, stinky imperalist fuck! Also thanks for trading important shit like tea and weird British fucked up shit.


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