Siberiaball is an extensive geographical region, and big iced area. By the broadest definition, Siberia is also known as North Asia or the Asian part of Russia. Siberia has been part of Russia-icon Russiaball since the seventeenth century, and makes up 77% of Russia's clay. He was normally used to keep criminals isolated. Siberia tried to become independent, when he realized that his RussianEmpire-icon father won't defeat Russian SFSR (old)-icon Russian SFSRball, and he even invited ushanka as a symbol of his nation, but he failed. He sometimes now wishes to become independent, but is still most of the time is happy with Russiaball, also he is often called 'Asian Russia'.

He is known as that empty area of land spanning Eurasia and the reason why Russiaball is largest country in the world. He loves mining. He is often portrayed with an orange beard and mustache. And he's known to be the founder of the Polandball Wiki.


Тамыры (Friends)

  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Daddy! But I am of getting olders and I want to take care of myself. I want to stay but I want to be a political province rather than a geographic location.
  • Ingria-icon Ingriaball and Karelia-icon Kareliaball - Both friends and fellow geographical regions in Russiaball!
  • Poland-icon Polandball and Finland-icon Finlandball - Is of successful and independents of Russia.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - A sort of friend-ish. don't know much about him. Heard he uses my name as a curse word though... 시베리아 벌판에서 귤까는 소리하네
  • Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball - ANSCHLUSS! A sort of friend.
  • Scotland-icon Scotlandball - How are you doing better than me at autonomy?
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - You are the only commie who I can trust because you also want to remove Pekin.
  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball friend across ocean. We both have much oil and Huskies.

Середны (Neutral)

  • Murica-icon USAball - We both have similar fate and we both have similar ideas. But sometimes I think he helps me because he wants just to steal my oil.
  • China-icon ChinaballЧЁРТОВ УРОД! ДЕРЖИСЬ ОТ МЕНЯ ПОДАЛЬШЕ! ХВАТИТ ПОСЫЛАТЬ СВОИХ НИЩЕБРОДОВ КО МНЕ! Я НЕ РЕЗИНОВЫЙ! УБРАТЬ ПЕКИН! ТЫ НИКОГДА НЕ ЗАВОЮЕШЬ МЕНЯ! Stay away from me!!! I hate you! 1969 NEVER FORGET! Relations aren't very good but since Dad likes him, I am neutral towards him. Sometimes not, though.

Вороги (Enemies)



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