Sicily-icon.png Sicilyball(aka legball) is a islandball located in the Mediterranean Sea, and also a Italy-icon.png Italian autonomous region. It is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, and home to Italy-icon.png Italyball's Mafia. Sicily-icon.png Sicilyball also has one of the only flags to have a trinacria on it. 


Sicily was founded when it became a island after Africa and Europe split off, then soon later humanity came into Sicily and became a 2-icon.png 2ball, then when countries began to form, The SPQR-icon.png Roman Empireball discovered Sicily, then after the dissolution of the Roman Empire, it became apart of the Western Roman Empire-icon.png Western Roman Empireball, and then after the fall of the Western Roman Empire by celts and germans, Sicily was unclaimed until the Byzantine-icon.png Eastern Roman Empireball came along, until the arabs colonize Sicily until Anti-Islamic Sicilians took over Sicily and beat out the arabs, and making the Kingdom of Sicily-icon.png Kingdom of Sicilyball. and then after the Napoleonic Wars, Sicily became the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies-icon.png Kingdom of the Two Siciliesball, and then after Italian unification, which became apart of Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball, during WWII, the allies invade Sicily, and even if he might've been able to survive at that, Italian-Empire-icon.pnghe had a revolution, and Benito Mussolini, his leader, was killed by hanging, which turned him into the modern day Italy-icon.png Italian Republicball.


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