Sikkimball is a landlocked state of India-icon Indiaball located nearly Nepal-icon NepalRawr.

Until 1975, he was a monarchy known as the Kingdom of Sikkim-icon Kingdom of Sikkimball.


Kingdom of Sikkimball was founded in 1642. Over the next 150 years, the kingdom witnessed frequent raids and territorial losses to NepalRawr. In the 19th century, it allied itself with British Rajball, eventually becoming a British protectorate. In 1975, a referendum abolished the Kingdom of Sikkimball, and he was merged with India as a state.


Bhutan-icon Bhutanball: Thank yuo for making me join Indiaball. We is friends.

India-icon Indiaball: Love yuo. Yuo're my new father. Just keep me safe from NepalRawr and Chinaball.

Tibet-icon Tibetball: My good friend. Hope you get freedom from that China-icon commie land grabbing bastard


Nepal-icon NepalRawr: I is not your clay! Stop hating Indiaball for that! I want to be clay of Curry! Leave me alone!

China-icon Chinaball: Lol stop supporting NepalRawr, yuo land grabber. Stop harassing Bhutanball and Indiaball.