Sinaloaball is a state of Mexico-icon Mexicoball. It is known as a home to drug traders, shrimp and tomatoes. It is Baja California Surball's closest brother due to having ferries to it, even though Baja California Surball being connected with Baja Californiaball by land.

He is very violent and he is hated by the northern Mexican Stateballs and some Stateballs of the Center of Mexicoball. In recent years he has been very violent and has sold drugs to his brothers. He is home of one of the largest mafias in the world, the SinolaCartelBall Sinaloa Cartel.

But... he also gives many outstanding athletes worldwide. Like some baseball players.


Sinaloaball was born as a 3ball, adopted by Aztecball, Spanish Empireball (within New Spainball), First Mexican Empireball, Second Mexican Empireball and Mexicoball.

Beach Destinations

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