Socotraball is a Governorate of Yemen-icon Yemenball. Most of Socotraball's clay is on the biggest island in Yemen-icon Yemenball, Socotra. He has very strange and errie plant life It is confirmed that he has military bases for 6-icon 6ball and has contacts with them. And scientists belive that he was born as 6ball before the aliens left him on Earth-icon Earthball and got anchlussed by Yemen-icon Yemenball

It is considered as the safest place in Yemen as the Yemeni civil war is ongoing.

On May 3rd, 2018, UAE-icon UAEball sent 100 troops to Socotraball's clay, saying they leased the island for 99 years (or since 1919), which Yemen-icon Yemenball denied. The next day, UAEball said they agreed to take it over.

But it's turns out the invasion was a military practice, and so it was returned to Yemenball.

And Yemen-icon Yemenball’s diplomacy with UAE-icon UAEball is now neutral.

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