Solomon Islandsball, also known as Solomonball is a countryball in Oceania. Solomon Islands is a brother of Papua New Guinea-icon Papua New Guineaball. It and Bougainvilleball are part of the Solomon Islands archipelago.
Solomon Islandsball cannot into relevant.


Solomon Islandsball was born as a 7-icon 7ball, visited by Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball, adopted by UK-icon UKball till 1978.

Nowadays, Solomon Islandsball is independent.

In 2000, a ship named called MS World Discoverer was abandoned after capsizing off the coast of one of his islands.

How to draw

Draw Solomon Islandsball isn't difficult

  1. Divide the basic circle shape using a yellow diagonal (up-right to down-left) thick line
  2. Color the left part of blue and the other of green
  3. Draw five white stars as in a X in the up-left
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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