South Australiaball is a state of Australia-icon.png Australiaball. Despite his name, he is not the most southern state (It's Tasmania, FYI. Or for mainland reasons, it's neighboring Victoria). Known as the land of churches, fine wine (jealous much Franceball?) and former Prime Minister Bob Hawke who is known for his drinking. South Australia is neighbours with almost every other state (except Tasmaniaball and Canberraball). He is also known for sporting the largest lake in Australia, Lake Eyre, (even though it changes size a lot.)

Relevant Issues

  1. Large populations of the descendants of Nazi foot soldiers causing slight issues (See: Anywhere in the Adelaide Hills).
  2. Largely neglected due to not much really happening.
  3. Like Western Australiaball and Queenslandball, it is way too hot there (this is said from an Australian).
  4. Adelaide has wine and churches. That's about it.

How to draw

South Australiaball is based on Australiaball.

  1. Color the basic circle stripe of this red
  2. Draw the Union Jack in the up-left quarter (using this blue and white)
  3. Draw the circle coat of arms of South Australia
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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