South Bačka Districtball is an administrative division of Vojvodina-icon.png Vojvodinaball, Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball. South Bačka Districtball have 13 municipalities: Novi Sadball, Petrovaradinball, Bacball, Backa Palankaball, Backi Petrovacball, Becejball, Beocinball, Srbobranball, Sremski Karlovciball, Temerinball, Titelball, Vrbasball, Zabaljball


South Bačka Districtball born as a 2ball, adopted by Illyriaball, SPQRball, Byzantineball, Serbian Empireball, Ottomanball, Kingdom of Serbiaball, Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, Serbia and Montenegroball and Serbiaball.

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