Grand Duchy of Baden-icon

South Badenball is a historical state of West Germanyball.


Started as Margrave in HREball, it became a part of German Empireball. After the defeat of Nazi Germanyball, it became the Franceball-controlled South Badenball.

In December 1951, alongside Württemberg-Badenball and Württemberg-Hohenzollernball it held a referendum to form Baden-Württembergball. While both Württembergs and northern Baden supported it, South Badenball opposed it by 62.2%. However, it didn't matter because Württemberg-Badenball had three times the population of South Badenball, and it supported the unification.

 How to draw

Draw Badenball is almost simple:

  1. Fill the basic circle shape with yellow
  2. Draw a horizontal red stripe in the middle
  3. (Optional) Draw the coat of arms of Baden in the center
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.