South Hollandball is a province of the Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball. He can into many farmers. Most of his clay is under the sea level.


South Hollandball was once a part of the SPQR-icon Roman Empireball. Then when the Netherlandsball wanted to be independent, South Hollandball became a province with his brother North Holland-icon North Hollandball. They were temporarily captured by France-icon Franceball. Three years later Franceball was defeated and Hollandball was freed. In 1840 he split up with North Hollandball. In 1940 Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball bombed one of his biggest cityballs. And while being too busy to rebuild his cityballs, he forgot to rebuild his dams so he and Zeeland-icon Zeelandball drowned in 1953. He then built the Delta Works to protect his clay from the sea.


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