To live without freedom is to die!
— Nguyễn Văn Thiệu

South Vietnamball, officially the Republic of Vietnamball, was a former countryball in Southeast Asia. He governed the southern half of Vietnamball from 1955-1975. His capital at the time was Saigonball.

Under Catholic dictator president Ngô Đình Diệm, there was a flaming hot Buddhist monks protested against his policies as he thought many Buddhists were too communist.

Since president Diệm was so unpopular, he was removed in 1963 and replaced by several South Vietnamese generals until 1967 when the election was held and Nguyễn Văn Thiệu became president.

Both Vietnamballs share the same the noble blood of ancient Dragon clan, and the same epic history,

Both South and North Vietnamball were the result of "The Geneva Conference", while South Vietnamball refer to FREEDOM and Capitalism, Vietnam-icon North Vietnamball refer to Communism.

So when the Communist force took over the North Vietnam, in 1955, a referendum was held and South Vietnamball was created, to give FREEDOM, and to stop Vietnam-icon North Vietnamball and VC-icon Viet Congball from making the country communist.

But soon USA-icon USAball, after doing some new weapon test, drop 2 kawaii bombs on Japan-icon Japan, he became emo and autism, and with the stupid congress, USA doesn't want to help South Vietnamball remove commie any more. USA also became politically disinterested due to unrest from hippies and due to a lack of monies due to the OPEC oil embargo. This time, South Vietnamball have to take care for himself, fighting with Vietnam-icon North Vietnamball and VC-icon Viet Congball.

Finally, after the Fall of Saigon, South Vietnamball had to escape from his own country, to sail through the big ocean, hatefully lookback at Saigon, where he grew up, and some time on his boat, he dreams about the day he come back to retake what he lost!

Today you can find South Vietnamball in USAball (mostly in Californiaball and Texasball) with some descendants in Australiaball and some western countries. His descendants use his symbol to not only represent their heritage but also to distance themselves from the current regime, lifestyle, and culture of VNball. South Vietnamball's variant of the Vietnamese language is often more formal than Vietnamball's and he often critizes Vietnamball for bastardizing the language and making it way too slangy and informal. Because of decades of seperation from Vietnamball, it's becoming more diffcult for him to understand Vietnamball due to these language changes.



  • USA-icon USAball - Best friend. He supplied me with weapons, soldiers, and bombed commies but still a betrayer. Am still alive in the souls of Vietnamese-Americans. He also introduced me to English, TVs, and his music. But thanks for letting me stay with you in the basement
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - She supplied troops. Her army was very strong and brave. I kinda like her dictator. But why you killed my people?
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Same as South Korea. His army was strong too. Some of my decendents live with him! 
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - Same as Australia.
  • Khmer Republic-icon Khmer Republicball - Same as New Zealand. He would suffer the same fate as I did, but under Khmer Rouge.
  • Kingdom of Laos-icon Kingdom of Laosball - Same as Khmer Republic. Was of supposed to be neutral but forced to fight with us because of internal invasion by Fake communist Vietnam. Unfortunately he would suffer the same fate as I did.
  • Taiwan-icon Chinaball - Is of true China (AKA Taiwan). I wish ROC was still alive and we removed genocidal commies form China. I'm glad Taiwan still exist. Thanks a lot for remembering me!!!! Please don't let you and Hong Kongball die in the hands of CCP!
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Supports me and is America's best friend/brother/neighbor. Anyone who is friend of USA is also my friend. Some of my decendents live with him as well!
  • Germany-icon West Germanyball - Is true Germany! He hating commies like I do! But REMOVE TRAITOR!!!
  • UK-icon UKball - He didn't supply troops, but thanks for supporting me. Friend/Father of USA.
  • California-icon Texas-icon USA-icon Californiaball & Texasball & USAball - Me and my decendents live in their basements. I have a Little Saigon in Orange Countyball and Houstonball. 


  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball COMMIE ASSHOLE!!! Tried to destroy my traditions and brainwash my people!!! REMOVE COMMIE TERRORIST!!! At least you hate that Democratic Kampuchea-icon ​​Genocidal shit and ​​China-icon Ching Chong and you like USA-icon ​​my ally... BUT STILL! Also, STOP BASTARDIZING OUR LANGUAGE!!! EVERYTIME YOU SPEAK, I OFTEN QUESTION IF YOU'RE SPEAKING VIETNAMESE OR JUST GIBERISH! WHY THE FUCK IS "TÔI" SPELLED AS "TUI"??? DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO BE FORMAL OR NOT? Although my pop culture is making a come back there.
  • VC-icon Vietcongball - Communist Terrorist. YOU OF FAKE STUPID COMMIE!!!!
  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - FIRST & BIGGEST COMMIE!!! REMOVE HIM and his son Russia-icon Russiaball!!!!
  • Democratic Kampuchea-icon Khmer Rougeball -Nothing but a genocidal communist dictatorship.He also smashed the heads of babies and he tried to kill me.
  • Laos-icon Pathet Laoball - FAKE LAOS!! REMOVE PUPPET GOVERNMENT!!!
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - Stupid commie.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - EVIL CRAZY COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP!!!!
  • Czechoslovak Socialist Republic-icon Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball - Of European Commie.
  • PR Bulgaria-icon PR Bulgariaball - Same as Czechoslovakia.
  • East Germany-icon East Germanyball - Same as PR Bulgaria and he is fake commie Germany.


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