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Spanish Empireball is a baseball was one of the first colonial empireballs ever. She was a Spain-icon.png monarchy and even a First Spanish Republic-icon.png Second Spanish Republic-icon.png Republic, and then went on full Francoist Spain-icon.png Facism before he died in it's collapse after losing it's last colonies in Africa.


The Spanish Empireball was officially born in the year 1492, when Spain-icon.png Spainball discovered the Americas. Since then, he conquered a lot of places, but in 1976, they lost his last colony, Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball, and then died (though lives on as Spain-icon.png Spainball). Sometimes it's accepted that he disappeared after the death of the last of the Austrian Empire-icon.png habsburg kings in 1700, or after losing his last American colony, Cuba-icon.png Cubaball in 1898. However, if the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, and the two cities of Spain north of Andorra are considered overseas territories with special status allowing them to vote then Spanish Empireball is still alive (or would it just be that they became Spain?).




  • Kingdom of France-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball - I thought against him in my Hasburg days, but fought with him in my Borubon days. I hate your Napoleonic-icon.png son for rejecting monarchism and making me a puppet.
  • Venice-icon.png Republic of Veniceball - I hated him but we worked together to fight against Ottoman-icon.png kebab lord.
  • USA-icon.png USAball - Friend who I helped gain indepenence to piss Britain off. I sold him Florida for millions of cash. BUT STOP SAYING I BLEW UP THE MAINE! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! YOU MADE ME LOSE Spanish Cuba-icon.pngSpanish Philippines-icon (1522-1785).pngSpanish Puerto Rico-icon.png MY COLONIES!!!


Colonies and Possesions

The Americas


  • Spanish West Africa-icon.png Spanish West Africaball - My last colony possesion in africa, it it weren't for this Morocco.gif puto bitch I would atleast lived on!
    • Spanish Morocco-icon.png Spanish Moroccoball - My colony in west africa who tried to Republic of the Rif-icon.png rebel against me. HOW DARE TU!
    • Spanish Sahara-icon.png Spanish Saharaball - Oh no amigo where are you? You disappered! My african colony who is full of nothing but sand and oil. Oh well, he is loyal compared to that rebellious moor.
  • Spanish Guinea-icon.png Spanish Guineaball - My very educated son who lets me ship people to work in the americas who wants to be a dicatorial state like my Franco counterpart. Damn Franceball took her chance to colonize Cameroon to expand your clay.

Asia and Oceania

How to draw

  1. Spanish Empireball adopted this flag when she was in a dynastic personal union with Cross of Burgundy-icon.png Burgundyball:
  2. Draw the basic circle shape
  3. Draw a red cross of Burgundy (an X cross with some protrusions)
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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