Tonight we dine in HELL!
— Leonidas I

Spartaball, also known as Lacedaemonball, is a historical Greek countryball, famous for the Battle of Thermopylae and for kicking a Persian messenger down a hole.


Spartaball was a city-stateball of Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball. He was weak and failed to kick Achaemenid-icon Persian asses during the Greco-Persian Wars.

He was the leader of the Peloponnesian League which fought against the Delian League which was led by Ancient Athens-icon Ancient Athensball. This resulted in the Peloponnesian War, in which Sparta-icon Sparta won.

His descendant lives on as a small city in Greece-icon Greeceball.

He was in a movie, which spawned a stupid meme!  He was undefeatable(except very vunerable and easily defeatable) until he was defeated by Thebes because of one of their units of 150 homosexuals, who would kill the enemies to protect their loved ones. No joke.

How to draw

Drawing Spartaball is simple:

  1. Draw a red circle
  2. Draw a gold script Λ in the center
  3. Above the Lambda draw some eyes and you're finished.



  • Macedon-icon Macedonball - Best bro in world he is powerful like me, and has a huge empire too. Also killed that Persian so good job!
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - My adoptive father. He is also strong and had an empire too. Don't worry, we will get revenge on Goths-icon Gothsball someday.
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Good son. He has a good military too. Maybe I should give you money to pay your debts when I resurrect. But why are you christian 
  • Ancient Tarasball - Good son fought barbarians in Italy kind’ve a nerd though.


  • Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Athensball - Of good ally before, but the Pelopponesian War tore our friendship apart. Can we still be friends? (Answer: NO)
  • Achaemenid-icon Achaemenid Empireball - Ha, loser! I am totally stronger than you(even though you defeated me)! Never forget the Greco-Persian wars when failed to beat you! But thanks for helping me win the Pelopponesian Wars.
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Is of resurrected Achaemenid-icon Achaemenid Empireball. But is rich and has oil.




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