Spitakball is an Armenia-icon Armenian city.


Founded during the 17th century in the Erivan Khanateball, it later was part of the Armenian nations, from the Armenian Oblastball to modern Armeniaball.

The name means literally white and it is named after the white limestone of the area. However, the original name was Hamalu (literally baths), but it was changed in 1949. In 1988 an earthquake occurred and affeted many cities but mostly Spitakball. He is still recovering from the damage.

How to Draw

Spitakball may be a challenge to draw

  1. Draw a circle, let it be white
  2. Draw two grey eagles on each side facing each other with their wings out and tail feathers spread
  3. Then draw two grey pillars between them
  4. Below such pillars, draw a grey leaf, a little green tree branch and a golden stalk of wheat, all crossing each other
  5. Below them, draw a long white banner at the bottom
  6. Then write ՍՊԻՏԱԿ at the bottom and you're done

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