Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is a Quebec-icon Quebecball municipality, located in the Urban agglomeration of Longueuil in the administrative region of Montérégie. It was named after Bruno le Chartreux.

Founded in 1885, this municipality is 64% composed of agricultural soil.

Since some years, a domicilary development movement has been launched and the urban expansion will have large repercussions on citizens for the municipality that stays near the large urban centers of the region.


  • In 2008, the local ice-skating arena has been named after a local teen skater with a congenital heart malformation who has died the previous year. (name: Michael Bilodeau)
  • A favorite town sport is hockey.. (duh)
  • Many famous Quebec celebrities live in the Sommet-Trinité peak of the town.
  • The St-Gabriel Brothers are buried in the town, having their own cemetery next to a barn. Visitors cannot enter due to the gates, but can view the graves and the sculpted Jesus cross at the back center in front of a large tomb. The cemetery is located in the Mont-St-Bruno mountain.

About the ball

  • No one quite knows why, but he owns a green aura around him, resembling a pack of leaves.
  • The ball's flag is from the shield in the coat of arms, since there is no other logo or flag to the town. His bork is taken from the two acorns in the image, and the common rate of natural waste on the ground (including acorns and maple samaras).

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  • TheLastSkylark (semi-native of the town)

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