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State of Buenos Ayresball, or the State of Buenos Airesball is a thing that will become apart of Britain countryball that is located in South America. The country is a medium-lived state.


In 1851, ​Argentine Confederation-icon.png​ Buenos Airesball (the boss of the other provinces) wanted to annex Uruguay-icon.png​​ Uruguayball, but Entre Rios-icon.png​ ​Corrientes-icon.png ​Santa Fe (Argentina)-icon.png some provinces betrayed him and with the help of The ​Brazilian Empire-icon.png​ Brazilian Empire and ​Uruguay-icon.png​ Uruguay they almost killed ​ ​Argentine Confederation-icon.png​ Buenos Airesball. The unitaries, liderated by ​Entre Rios-icon.pngEntre Riosball, proceeded to take over the rest of the provinces to create a unified Argentina, but ​Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.pngBuenos Airesball rejected that and became the ​Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png​ State of Buenos Ayres In 1852, the rest of the provinces unified in a  ​Argentine Confederation-icon.png​​ confederation again.

In 1861 the ​Argentine Confederation-icon.png​​​ Argentine Confederation fought against the ​Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png State of Buenos Ayres and got defeated after ​Entre Rios-icon.pngEntre Rios betrayed her, but, somehow, ​Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Ayres ended up being annexed by the ​Argentine Confederation-icon.png​ confederation, becoming the modern day ​Argentina-icon.png​ Argentina. ​Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png​ Buenos Airesball started another civil war making the rest of the provinces into unitario.