Sultanate of Gowaball was a Sultanate in South Sulawesi. 


Sultanate of Gowaball was born around 1300. During the 1400s, the Kingdom was split in two. One of those kingdoms became the Kingdom of Talloball. The other one remained Gowa. Until 1540; when Gowa conquered Tallo, these two kingdoms fought bitterly. They both made a deal that they would become "two kings but one people", forming the Sultanate of Makassarball.  They fought wars against Bone Sultanateball, who then formed the Tellumpocoe Alliance with Wajoball and Soppengball to protect themselves against Gowa.  On September 22, 1605, the King converted to Islam.  During their time period, the Sultanate of Makassar welcomed foreign traders.  In 1611, they eliminated the Tellumpocoe and counquered all of Sulawesi.In 1613, the English built a factory in Makassar. During this time they had expanded the empire to East Borneo, the lesser Sunda Islands, and New Guinea as well as parts of Australiaball. During its constant wars with the Dutch East India Companyball, it was defeated during the reign of Hasanuddin(who is one of Indonesia's national heroes).  After that, Bone Sultanateball vassalized it and it became a shadow of itself.  It rebelled, with Bone, against the Dutch and British, but were defeated.  In 1945, it was dissolved in the wake of World War 2.


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