Makassar is the fighting c***(rooster) of the East.

The Sultanate of Gowa in a different costume Makassarball was a Sultanate in South Sulawesi-icon.png South Sulawesiball.


Sultanate of Makassarball was born in 1576 when the Sultanate of Gowa-icon.png Sultanate of Gowaball conquered the Kingdom of Talloball. During its history, it had many wars with the Dutch. In 1605 they converted to Islam-icon.png Islam. Hostilities between the Dutch escalated quickly. Meanwhile, Makassar conquered all of Sulawesi and conquered Buru and several other islands from Ternate Sultanateball. He also vassalized many states on Borneo from the Sultanate of Banjarball.  He also might have colonized parts of Northern Australiaball.

In one of the wars with the Dutch, Makassar was defeated in 1660. That caused the Sultanate of Boneball to rebel. Soon the rebellion was repulsed, but in 1669  Makassar's broke up into smaller states, though Gowa-Tallo would exist until the late 1800s.

Makassar at its greatest extent


Makassar stronk!

Makassar and surrounding states during the 1500s

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