Sunanate of Surakartaball is Javanese monarchy countryball of Indonesiaball. He lived in Surakarta, Indonesia in 1755-1496. Today his clay claimed by Central Javaball.


Sunanate of Surakartaball is one of two Mataram Sultanateball son. He was born in 1755 as Sultanate of Yogyakartaball's brother. Althought his brother follow his father path as Sultanate, he decided to form a Sunanate. These brother is great-great grandsons of Majapahitball. In 1557 his first son Mangkunagaranball was born.

In 1945, years of Indonesiaball Independence, Sunanate if Surakartaball sent a letter of confidence to Indonesiaball to demonstrate their support to Indonesiaball. And as a result Indonesiaball awarded status of Special Region into him. But later in the same year there's many murder terrors targeted Sunanate of Surakartaball. And in early 1946 this anti-monarch rebells become worsen. Due to this reason Indonesiaball aborted his Sepecial Region Status. Soon His second son was born, his name is Resident of Surakartaball. Later he merged with Mangkunegaranball in 1950 and gave birth of Soloball who become part of Central Javaball.

How to Draw

  1. Draw basic circle shape
  2. Divide into three horizontal stripes with 1:1:1 ratio
  3. Add Red-White-Red color into each stripes
  4. Draw Sunanate of Surakartaball coat of arm in the center
  5. Draw Mataram's traditional sultan headgear
  6. Draw the eyes and you've finished


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