Suzhouball, also known as Soochowball, is a city in the Jiangsuball province of China-icon Chinaball. His clay is bordered by Wuxiball in the northwest, Taizhouball in the north, and Nantongball in the Northeast. Shanghai-icon Shanghaiball is to his south.


Suzhouball was born as a 1-icon 1ball in the Eastern region of Asia. Being one of the oldest cities in China, there were records of them living in Suzhou even as far back as 514 B.C. When the emperor of Zhou-icon Zhouball set up different regional states in China, the State of Wu was founded in nearby Wuxi. Suzhouball, however, was always called the 'Cradle of Wu Culture'. Suzhouball has always been an important city in Chinese history. In the Warring States period, Suzhouball was made the Seat of Wu County and Commandery. After the Qin-icon Qinball reunified China, Suzhouball was made the seat of Kuaji Commandery. After that however, several rebellions were staged from Suzhouball, all to be crushed. Suzhouball is strategically located on a major trading route. But once history moved on, Suzhouball found itself constantly weakening and weakening, and in the year 1488 C.E. Suzhouball was reduced to just a stub of what it once was, only famous for its beautiful gardens and silk looms.



  • China-icon Chinaball - My current governor. He helps me out a lot by sending me supplies when they run short.
  • China-icon (subdivision) Nantongball - A good neighbor of mine.
  • China-icon Basically everybody in China. We are all living peacefully together!


  • Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball - An enemy. He invaded me in 1275 C.E. I was the capital for one of the rebellions.
  • Ming-icon Mingball - The only dynasty that dared to impose heavy taxes on the people and royalty living in my clay.
  • Taiping Heavenly Kingdomball - They destroyed literally every single thing in my clay.


Suzhouball, since he was reduced to just a stub, always wanted to restore his greatness, so he is usually depicted as a hard-working, honest countryball. He flares up, however, whenever someone mentions the Taiping Rebellion, and unleashes a flurry of curses down on the Taiping Heavenly Kingdomball

Suzhouball has a hidden anger for Japan-icon Japanball  , since he invaded China before, but is working to become friends with him again.

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