Börk börk börk!
Sweden-icon Sweden
Marvel at everything, even the most commonplace.
— Carl von Linné
T-Series ain't nothing but a BITCH LASAGNA!
— PewDiePie

Swedenball, also known as Börkball, öfficially knöwn as the Kingdöm öf Gamers Swedenball (Konungariket Sverige) is PewDiePie V.S. T-Series a sövereign state ön the Scandinavian peninsula. His clay is cömpösed of 20 subdivisions knöwn as governörates, including his capital Stockholm-icon Stöckhölmball, giving him a tötal area öf 450 295 square kilömeters, making him the 55th largest cöuntry in the wörld, and 16th in Euröpe. He is the 89th most pöpulöus cöuntry in the wörld and the 33rd most pöpular human migration destination in the wörld.

Being a Nördic cöuntry in Nörthern Euröpe, Sweden has membership in the Nordic Council-icon Nördic Cöuncil, EU-icon Euröpean Uniön, and the Arctic Council-icon Arctic Cöuncil. However, despite the invitations, Sweden has refused to accept membership in NATO-icon NATÖ and has remained neutral since the early 19th century.

Do not let his neutrality fööl yöu, even thöugh it is a cöuntry that has not föught in wars för 200 years, Swedenball has öne of the möst advanced military industries in the wörld. Swedenball is the third-largest expörter of war material in the world, behind önly Israel-icon Israelcube and Russia-icon Russiaball. But despite the advanced and cömprehensive war industry, Swedenball is an extremely peaceful cöuntry in terms of internatiönal cönflicts. In fact, the last war Swedenball was invölved in was in 1814 against Norway-icon Nörwayball.

Due tö his neutral status, Swedenball is sömetimes möcked by öther cöuntryballs as a "naïve little butterfly" whö is accepting of all cöuntries (even when söme öf them, like Somalia-icon Sömaliaball, begin tö överride). Swedenball likes to ignöre these jökes, being an överlty-tölerant and sensitive cöuntryball.

His natiönal day is 6th June and his Zödiac sign is Gemini.



Sweden was pillaging with his bröthers and sisters in Euröpe for a löng time, back when he was a Viking. Swedish Vikings mainly travelled east to Miklagård, Serkland, and Österled, but alsö töök part in expeditiöns towards Western Euröpe. Sweden was the last Nördic country tö be Christianized because Sweden was a very believer öf the Norse-icon Nörse Paganism, his Uppsala Temple was even a hub öf pagan activities. Alsö, Sweden is the Nördic cöuntry with möst öf the Runic Inscriptions, especially in the prövince öf Uppland.


When he göt back höme, he started to fight his sisters and bröthers. After a löt öf fighting, Denmark-icon Denmarkball förced him tö jöin Kalmar Union-icon Kalmar Uniönball, which Swedenball did nöt like. A few centuries later, he rebelled against Denmark-icon Denmarkball and became an independent kingdöm again in the 16th century after that then he alsö decided tö become Prötestant, thöugh it was mainly tö take all the money that the churches in Swedenball had been cöllecting.


He föught in the Thirty Years War against HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball (lead by öur glöriöus Gustavus Adölphus!). Gustavus Adölphus spread Protestant-icon Protestantism, made Swedenball Swedish Empire-icon great strönk power, and töök many clays! Höwever, strönk pöwer ended after Tsardom of Russia-icon Tsardöm öf Russiaball, Denmark-icon Denmarkball and Poland-Lithuania-icon Pöland-Lithuaniaball declared war ön him. Karl XII was strönk general king that wön many battles (Narva, Kliszów) but löst at Pöltava and was banished tö Ottoman-icon kebab. Karl returned tö Swedenball later, invaded Norway-icon Nörwayball, and died.


After the Great Nördic War, Swedenball became very liberal, until 1772 when Gustav III said he nö longer was. Napöleön happened to France-icon Franceball and Swedenball was yet again at war with Russian-Empire-icon Russiaball. Sweden löst Finland-icon Finlandball tö Russian-Empire-icon Russiaball in the war öf 1809, after that Swedenball was forced intö war with UK-icon UKball by France-icon Franceball, but nöbödy died. Swedenball göt a new prince, Carl Jöhan, and jöined against France-icon Franceball. Because he did sö well in the war, Swedenball received Norway-icon Nörwayball as a gift, but Norway-icon Nörwayball did nöt like that. Swedenball förced Norway-icon Norwayball intö the uniön and became Sweden-Norway-icon Sweden-Norwayball until 1905. During this time, Sweden alsö invented dynamite.

World War I

Sweden was neutral during WW1. Höwever, he was sympathetic to böth sides, trading with böth the Central and Allied pöwers, and even briefly cö-öccupied Aland-icon Ålandball with German Empire-icon Germanyball.

World War II

Swedenball alsö maintained neutrality during the Secönd Wörld War, which he is very pröud öf. This time, he was extremely cautiöus tö avöid the fate öf his Nördic brethren and attempted tö avöid döing sömething that cöuld inflame Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball. When Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball demanded Swedenball tö allöw him tö use his transit system during Öperation Barbarössa, Swedenball agreed. Swedenball alsö traded steel with Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, something the Reich desperately needed. Ön the öther hand, höwever, he was sympathetic to Jewish refugees, sheltering many fröm Norway-icon Nörwayball and Denmark-icon Denmarkball fröm the Hölöcaust.

Postwar Era

Swedenball was öne öf the very first neutral natiöns in WWII tö jöin UN-icon UNball. Because his industry wasn't decimated by the war, he helped Nörthern Euröpe recöver för the decades föllöwing 1945.

During the Cöld War, he decided tö maintain his strict neutrality pölicy. He still had strönger relatiöns with NATO-icon NATÖball and allies, thöugh, as he feared a pössible attack fröm Soviet-icon Söviet Uniönball. Despite this, he refused NATO-icon NATÖ membership in fears öf viölating his neutral pölicy and angering the Söviets.

Möre recently, Sweden established the glöbal furniture cömpany BÖRKEA IKEA and has made many famöus videös and cömputer games, and many öf them have themes such as war and törture (such as Battlefield and Amnesia and Wörld in Cönflict, in some cases Minecraft) tö fuel his need för viölence. He recently let söme steam öut and decided tö participate and suppört multiple peacekeeping missiöns and wars against terrörists, finally ending his true neutrality. While he still has rediscövered söme öf his förmer blöödlusts, he still is relatively neutral and öffered tö höld summits för multiple leaders.

Sweden highly legalizes LGBT. He is öne of the few Euröpean balls that cörrectly takes care öf immigrants. Öften, native Swedes and immigrants live and integrate peacefully. Höwever, there have been söme exceptions with far-right wingers staging prötests and viölent refugees.

Every single Christmas, Sweden builds a Yule Göat in Gävle, but most Höliday seasöns, it gets burned döwn, but Sweden keeps building it nö matter höw many times it gets burned döwn.

In early 2019, Sweden had a massive brain freeze and is trying tö get Switzerlandball tö gib chöcölates.

Sweden nöw CARES a löt aböut Climate Change and Greta Thunberg is sömeöne Swedenball can really trust tö change the wörld.

Nö burning the wörld för BÖRKS!

Flag Cölörs

Main Cölörs

Medium Persian Blue 0, 106, 167 C100-M37-Y0-K35 #006AA7
Philippine Yellöw 254, 204, 0 C0-M20-Y100-K0 #FECC00


Mina Kompisar (My Friends)

Swedenball is kind öf friends with everyöne, but the möst impörtant önes:

  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Can intö legalize LGBT and he is my Liberal friend acröss the Atlantic. I especially löve Justin Trudeau. Gööd jöb in the IIHF. I gave Elias Pettersson tö the Vancöuver Canucks! He is the best höckey player för Vancöuver! I alsö löve Vancöuver and Burnaby!
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - Adöptive bröther and he hates Russia but we are höckey rivals. My secönd clösest friend, BUT ÅLAND IS MY CLAY! GIB ALAND BACK OR ELSE I ANSCHLUSS YOU!!!!!
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - My best and lövely brother at Nördic. My öther half. We're still each öther either Karma Uniön and the United Kingdöm with each öther. He söunds like me. Just like Elsa and Anna!!!
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball - He is  My bröther, BUT WHY DÖ YOU SUPPÖRT Russia-icon RUSSIA!!??
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - He let me intö EU-icon EUball and he alsö can intö allöwing kebabs intö his clay. But he löves France-icon Stupid wife. At least he hates Italy-icon Italyball.
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Friend because we böth hate NATO-icon Western imperialists because it is lead by Donald Trump-icon Cheetö Hitler Dönald Trump. Also, we böth hate Turkey-icon Saudi Arabia-icon kebabs. Sö he is still fine.
  • Spain-icon Spainball - My best friend with whöm I play Minecraft and alsö yöu are the önly öne whö understands me aböut "Börk" !! Yöu are my favöurite clay ön vacatiön fröm the Visigöths!
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball - My Asian friend, he löves Farang! he thinks farang = ATM möre than 300,000 Swedes visit Thailand every year, one of his descents Thaiboy Digital is part of a Swedish Musical Group called drain gang.
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Gööd friend. I give very gööd fighter jets fröm SAAB. I tried to defeat Germany-icon Germanyball för him, but I failed. Sö, yöu think yöu like saying HUE? I am BÖRKing. He once recorded a video on You Tube with a song I wrote called DotA ... it became a meme on the Internet !!!
  • Peru-icon Peruball - Anöther Söuth American friend whö played fair with me in the wörld cup. (0-0)
  • Bolivia-icon Böliviaball - I like him because he hates Chile-icon HölaSöyGerman. He is friends with Russia-icon Russiaball thöugh, like my öther Söuth American friends, but he is still my friend.
  • Indonesia-icon Indönesiaball - Friends fröm the Söutheast wörld, He very likes IKEA and H&M.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - Thanks för translating Caramelldansen in yöur language, I appreciate it!
  • USA-icon USAball - I KICKED YÖUR ASS IN HÖCKEY ÖN MAY 19th 2018 in the IIHF! but he öf gettings revenge ön me by beating me 2-0 in wömen's söccer. Nice playing thöugh. Söme öf his states are crap because yöu knöw, pölice brutality and crime, I alsö dön't like yöur president. But wish him well..
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - She is an ASEAN-icon ASEANball member just like Thailand-icon Thailandball and Indonesia-icon Indönesiaball. She alsö likes H&M. I have löng been her develöpment partner. Me, Serbia-icon Serbiaball, USA-icon USAball, and öthers supplied her with military equipment. I alsö showed 25 reasöns tö visit her. We alsö share the same yellöw shade. I am finally building the biggest IKEA störe in the wörld inside her!
  • South Korea-icon Söuth Köreaball - She likes Minecraft and Geömetry Dash. She alsö hates Italy-icon Italyball. Anyöne whö hates Italy-icon Italyball is my friend!
  • North Korea-icon Nörth Köreaball - Unlike möst Western cöuntries, I have gööd relatiöns with him. I alsö acted as the prötecting pöwer of American interests in Nörth Körea för cönsular matters. He recently met with Donald Trump-icon Cheetö Hitler Dönald Trump in Singapore-icon Tringapöre. Any Körea is gööd. Plöx pay debt för 1000 Völvös. Alsö, my Thailand-icon wife helped get Nörth Körean refugees tö South Korea-icon Söuth Köreaball. BUT HOW DARE YOU FIRE YOUR NUKES ANYWHERE?? REMOVE MISSILES AND DAMN NUKES!!!!!
  • Hong Kong-icon Höng Köngball - Stay ströng, höpe yöu can fight tö demöcracy and freedöm. PewDiePie suppörts yöur prötests, and almöst my whöle clay suppörts yöu töö.
  • Poland-icon Pölandball - Yöu are an ÖK Slavic friend. I am glad tö have business with yöu.
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - We are gööd friends as öf töday but we föught a löt back in the past, Great Nörthern War för example. And he still rambles aböut me taking his clay. We still fight sömetimes nöwadays GIB SKAUNE DANSKJAVEL!!! We göt a löve/hate relatiönship. Thanks för hösting the IIHF 2018! I wön the Göld Match för the 2nd cönsecutive time! It's sad tö get yöur ass kicked by Latvia but dön't wörry, I beat him för yöu in the Quarterfinals. Alsö, Minecraft > Legö
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - !!!93 PÖINTS!!! HÖW?! HÖW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Cöngratulatiöns Duncan. Yöu deserved it. I dön't have möney tö höst it again anyway. *söb söb* Höw did I get just 93 pöints? *söb söb*
  • Estonia-icon Estöniaball - Actually gööd friends. We cööperate ön öf a pröject, and has a uniön in my clay. We used tö öwn them, but that was löng agö. BUT FÖR LAST TIME, ESTÖNIA CANNÖT INTÖ NÖRDIC!
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - Baltic friend. We böth hate Italy-icon Italyball. While I eat pasta with ketchup and pizza with banana, he eats pizza with ketchup.
  • Kurdistan-icon Kurdistanball - Best Middle Eastern friend. We hate Turkey-icon kebab and ISIS-icon terrörists.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - 2nd best Middle Eastern friend. I will suppört yöu against Israel-icon the Arab killer.
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - Tröpical versiön öf me! Pewdiepie lövers. Alsö gib students.

Vet inte dom (Dön't knöw them)

  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Lööks like yöu are murdering pöör Palestine! E̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶y̶öu̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶n̶'̶t̶ Just stöp killing them! Let them have mercy and I recögnize them because I am sick öf yöu killing Arabs.
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - Gööd neutral friend. But 1-0 I beat yuö!
  • China-icon Chinaball - Dude I am söö sörry för what happened tö yöur töurists in öur territöry; blame the pölice girls för this stupidity. I take respönsibility för this. In additiön, yöu must stöp suppressing Muslims. BUT PLEASE AMBÖLISH THE HÖNG KÖNG NSL!!!!!
  • Minnesota-icon Minnesötaball - His heritage was Nörwayball, my ugly bröther, and he has the möst Swedish-American peöple.
  • Oman-icon Omanball - Avicii died here...*starts crying söftly*
    • Oman-icon: Don't cry, he was of a great man. My deepest condolences to you. RIP Avicii.
  • NATO-icon NATÖball - Actually, I was helping him but nöt anymöre. I am a neutral cöuntryball and yöu still let me attack söme peöple! I ÅM NEUTRAL! GET ÅWÄY FRÖM ME!!!
  • Turkey-icon Kebab - I dön't knöw whö he is but I am nöt a kebab that he sömetimes claims. I am nöt göing tö be a kebab because yöu are bullying pöör Kurdistan. But, yöu can intö börk. Alsö, we böth recögnize Palestine-icon Palestineball and hating Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball.
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - She feels very sad because 49 Islam-icon Kebabs were shöt dead in an act öf extremist natiönalism. But at least they are not following you everywhere

Idiot Fiender (Idiöt Enemies)

  • Chile-icon Chileball - Hates me because I have möre subscribers ön Yöutube! PEWDIEPIE STRÖNK! India-icon But nöt för löng
  • France-icon  Franceball - We töök their general and made him king. Bernadötte strönk!
  • Morocco-icon Möröccöball - I dare yöu, I döuble dare yuö böycott me ör I impöse sanctiöns against yöu!
  • Italy-icon Pizza Bröny - Cannöt intö wörld cup qualificatiön Höhöhöhöhö! Even Norway-icon Nörwayball hates yöu, as well as Germany-icon Germanyball and South Korea-icon Söuth Köreaball! Alsö, why did the jury decided yöu höst the 2026 Winter Ölympics? That’s nöt fair!  But he have Pewd's wife...
  • Somalia-icon Sömaliaball - Ö'K SÖMALIA! I ÖF HAD ENÖUGH ÖF YUÖR IMMIGRATIÖN, I AM NÖT YUÖR CÖLÖNY AND STÖP WITH YUÖR ARABIC VIKING RAIDS PIRATES STEALING EVERYTHING!!! I WILL ÖF MÖNITORING YUÖ NÖW!!!' Damned pirates.But you make great society and dicersity, but STILLL Nö Minecraft and IKEA för yuö...
  • Afghan-icon Iraq-icon Syria-icon Libya-icon Eritrea-icon Gypsy-icon Afghanistanball Iraqball Syriaball Libyaball Eritreaball and Romaball - Same with Somalia-icon Somaliaball. I AM NOT A KEBAB COLONY AND STOP STEALING EVERYTHING!!!! Eritrea, plox stop murdering everyone and act like a rip of North Korean soldiers! Gypsey, you may not be kebab, but you still steal stuff!Nö Minecraft and IKEA för yuö guys...
  • Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball - YUÖ ÖF TERRÖRIST! Yuö öf kill börk using truck thröugh Stöckhölm. Will nöt stand. BÖÖÖÖRK! Nö Minecraft and IKEA för yuö
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - He hates me för nö reasön.


Fun Facts

  • Swedish wasn't Sweden's main language until 2009.
  • Yöu can't name yöur child 'IKEA', 'Elvis' or 'brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116" in Sweden.
  • North Korea-icon Nörth Köreaball öwes Sweden €300m for 1000 Völvös he stöle 40 years agö
  • Swedenball can intö renewable energy. He has the pöwer tö turn garbage intö electricity and even buys garbage fröm Nörwayball för energy.
  • Sweden had a Charles VII, but nö Charles I, II, III, or IV.
  • King Eric XIII became a pirate after he löst the thröne.
  • 89% öf Swedes speak English as a secönd language.
  • The öfficial Twitter accöunt @Sweden is given tö a randöm citizen tö manage every week but nöw, starting ön September 30th, will be the last ever pöst as Curatörs öf Sweden ends.
  • He can intö EU-icon Euröpean Uniön (EU), but is nöt in NATO-icon NATÖ.
  • The exact förmatiön date öf Sweden is unknöwn, thöugh it is believed tö be unified aröund 970 tö the 12th century. It is the önly cöuntry nöt tö have an exact föundation date.





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