Swedish Empireball was a major European power that had large amounts of influence in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and some German states. He reached the height of his power during the Second Northern War, but began to degrade after the Scanian war.


Unlike his Sweden-icon descendant, the Swedish Empire is not a wimp is very strong and never neutral. If there are excuses at any time will attack the nearby nationals. Like to colonize other continents, eat his favorite Swedish food, and the most wonderful, rape HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball his conquests is why Minecraft and IKEA are everywhere.


After rebelling against Kalmar Union-icon Kalmar Unionball and Denmark-icon Denmarkball, under Gustav I in 1521, Sweden decided to do some violent conquering and went on to take Estonia-icon Estoniaball in the Livonian War, parts of HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball and then set up colonies in New-Sweden-icon Swedish-St-Barthelemy-icon America and Swedish-Gold-Coast-icon Africa. Parts of NewJersey-icon New Jersey and Delaware-icon Delaware were once his colonies and will be once again.

In 1592, Sweden's heir to the throne was the king of Poland-Lithuania-icon Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball, Sigismund III, and Sweden’s king John died. But Sweden didn't want to be part of them, so he successfully rebelled in 1600. Sweden would remain independent.

Then Denmark-icon Denmarkball, Poland-Lithuania-icon Poland-Lithuaniaball and Tsardom of Russia-icon Russiaball decided to gangbang Sweden! Sweden was stronk but not stronk enough, he defeated Denmark-icon Denmarkball and Poland-Lithuania-icon Poland-Lithuaniaball but after a long and hard fight, ultimately fell WHY GREAT FROST HAPPEN WHEN ME INVADING RUSSIA!?. Then he joined a Sweden-Norway-icon union with Norway-icon Norwayball so he wouldn't explode. Sverige skall bli en stark imperium igen!

He has had a lot of wars with Russia-icon Russiaball and Denmark-icon Denmarkball.



  • France-icon Franceball - my only friend, the other neighbors are basically fighted with him. A long time friends, help each other's war!


  • Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball - The biggest enemy, he always wanted to sea, so we fight a big one!
  • Poland-Lithuania-icon Poland-Lithuaniaball - The shit rival, the Swedish empire ball every time he fought to win!
  • Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball -  With me war many times! He has been trying to stop me from being strong. Just because he was, or I was already the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire!


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