Székesfehérvárball is a Hungarian city, chief of the Fejérball County. Székesfehérvárball is also Hungaryball's 9th largest city. It has a population of roughly 98,000. the next largest city in Hungaryball is Szobathelyball

Székesfehérvárball is also where the Videoton electronic manufacturing Company (one of the top 40 electronic manufacturers in Europe) is based and where their factory is. 

One of their most famous landmarks is the Orszagalma.


The place was, in Roman times, the settlement of Gorsium, but it was abandoned. During the Avar period, it started to be re-settled. In 972, the High Prince of the Magyarsball founded the city as today. From there one the city prospered. He was the capital of Kingdom of Hungaryball before Budapestball. In 1543, the city was annexed by the Ottomans until 1688, when it passed into Austrian administration. After World War I, the city became part of Hungaryball

How to draw

  • After drawing the basic circle shape, divide it in two horizontal parts
  • Color the upper part dark blue and the lower part dark red
  • Draw a yellow-white little section on the right
  • In the center, draw the city coat of arms full achievement
    • Color the shield of blue with an hill green
    • On such hill, draw a grey castle with three towers
    • Use a golden crown over the shield
    • From such crown, make lambrequins go down, the left ones being blue and gold, the right ones being red and grey
  • Draw the eyes and you've finished

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