Táchiraball (State)

Táchiraball (State).png

Táchiraball (State) is a state of Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball.


Táchiraball is representing the Táchira State of Venezuelaball, it is on the border with Colombiaball.


Is hardworking and friendly. It says a lot the words Toche and Pingo (both are rudeness). He likes football and eats pastelitos, also has andean pinch, mondongo, perico, native sweets, masato and chicha, it also boasts of having the best bread in the country.


  • Has two dinosaurs (Laquintasaura and Tachiraptor).
  • Seven presidents of Venezuelaball were born in Táchira.
  • Hates the chavismo and make strikes against him.
  • Eats more than pastelitos that arepas.
  • Usually is rival of the other states of Venezuelaball.
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