TRAPPIST-1ball is an ultracool dwarf star situated 39 light years from Solball, located in the constellation Aquarius. It has seven planets, all between about 0.41 and 1.34 Earth Masses. Most of these planets near the habitable zone, meaning 6balls are very likely to live here. The 7 planets are very close to each other, if you stood on one, then the other planets will be visible and be as big as the Moon.


The red dwarf was first discovered in 1999 during an astronomical survey called 2MASS and was named "2MASS J23062928-0502285". The numbers referred to its coordinates in space. Its planets were discovered after The University of Liége studied it in September 2015 to December 2015, but released their discoveries in May 2016. The name TRAPPIST refers to the religious order of Trappistsball because the astronomers who discovered it celebrated it with Trappist beer. Only 3 of its planets were discovered when it was first focused on. In February 2017 astronomers announced that it had 4 more additional exoplanets on it, and few of them are likely capable of harboring life.

Planetary System

Bold means it is in the habitable zone

  1. TRAPPIST-1bball
  2. TRAPPIST-1cball
  3. TRAPPIST-1dball
  4. TRAPPIST-1eball
  5. TRAPPIST-1fball
  6. TRAPPIST-1gball
  7. TRAPPIST-1hball

How to Draw

  1. Draw TRAPPIST-1ball as a tiny star (When comparing with other stars)
  2. Colour it with a warm, orange-red color
  3. Put on sunglasses (Optional)
  4. Add a weak glimmer if you want, and maybe a few solar flares


Since the exoplanets have no photograph, you can draw them as you like but to make it more realistic, follow these steps:

  1. Add Clouds and Oceans to no more than 4 of them
  2. Some of them are completely covered in ocean.
  3. The foilage of plants will be red on those planets since Red-Dwarf Stars emit mostly red and infra-red light
  4. Make them different from each other; one can have a thick Venus-like atmosphere, one can be a tundra world, and a few can be desert worlds.
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