Taichungball is a special municipality and cityball of Taiwan-icon Taiwanball. Taichung Cityball was originally separate from Taichungball but was anschlussed in Christmas 2014.

He is most known for bad traffic. He can also not into good flag.


Before Sushi (~1894)

Taichungball was born as a 1ball, then forged into Kingdom of Middagball by the 17 century. Remnants of Mingball crossed the strait and invaded, so he became part of Tenshingball. 1683, Qingball invaded (Really China?) and Mingball was kicked out forever. Tenshingball was renamed to Zuoluoball. By 1723, Changhuaball was split out of Zhuluoball. And by 1884, the whole Taiwanball was a state of China. (I know it doesn't sound glory, but at least he wasn't part of Fujianball).

Sushi Sushi (1895~1945)

1896 Taichungball was officially made! (But it also consisted of two other Taiwanese modern states)1901 he made a slight name change.

State times (1946~2009)

After WWII, So called "China" Took back Taiwanball's clay. Taichungball was treated as a Provincial City ball. Thus, becoming Taichung Cityball. He is then split to Himself, Changhuaball and Nantouball.

Group Anschluss (2010~)

Taichungball anschluss Taichung Cityball, and became a special muncipility. He also made many friends (Mostly American).

How to draw

Drawing Taichungball is very simple:

  • Draw a ball.
  • Color it Chrome Yellow
  • Write "臺中市" in red on him
  • Add eyes and done.


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