Taipeiball or Taibeiball is a son and capital metropolis of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball. He is a twin brother of New Taipei-icon.png New Taipeiball, who may anschluss each other in the future together with Keelung-icon.png Keelungball.


Taipeiball born as a 7-icon.png 7ball adopted by Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball, Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East India Companyball, Kingdom of Tungningball, Dynastic China-icon.png Mingball, Qing-icon.png Qingball, Republic of Formosaball, Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball and Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball and in future Taiwan SAR-icon.png Taiwan SARball or Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Taiwanball


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