Tajik SSRball was a republic of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball.


Tajikistanball born as a 2-icon 2ball, adopted by Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball and Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball. In 1929, he was established under Communism-icon Communism after new borders were established and set up by the new government. In the 1930s, the capital was renamed to Stalinaba, but was renamed to Dushanbe-icon Dushanbeball in the 1950s due to de-Stalinization.

In the 1980s, Sovietballs were sent to DR Afghan-icon DR Afghanistanball to fight in the Soviet-Afghan War against Jihad-icon Jihadists supported by USA-icon USAball and NATO-icon NATOball. In 1990, tensions between Tajikistanis and Armenians broke out in the capital and the Soviet Army was called in to suppress them. He declared independence in 1991, but most of his people voted in a referendum to preserve the union, but it collapsed by the end of the year and Tajik-icon Tajikistanball was born.

How to draw

  1. Draw basic circle with red
  2. Add a white band in the middle with a green one right under
  3. Add the Soviet Union symbol at top left
  4. Add eyes and you have finished.


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