Tampicoball is a city in Tamaulipas-icon Tamaulipasball, Mexico-icon Mexicoball.

It is a 3ball that evolved into a Huastecball, then was adopted by the Spanish Empireball as the city of Altamiraball. When Mexico got independence, it separated and was named Tampicoball.


Its a nice city with subtropical weather, that has a lot of animals (crocodiles, racoons, otters, pelicans, crabs, etc.) and plants (mango treees, avocado trees, palms, cempazuchitl, roses, anana trees, etc).

It has a lot of parties and an own soccer team: Jaibas Bravas. It's destacated by the tourism, fishing and its gastronomy.


Its name comes from the Huastecaball words Tam (place of) and Pico (dogs). They think it has this name because of the otters that lived there.

In 1829, Spainball tried to reconquer Mexicoball by Tampicoball port, but they couldn't, because of the general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Tampicoball has the first flight in Mexicoball and it's named the Cradle of the Mexican Flight because of that.

It's called the pioneer of the Industry. The first Coca-Cola Company in Mexicoball was funded in Tampicoball.

How to draw it

1.- Draw the typical circle and color it of white.

2.- Draw the Tampico shield of flag (but instead of a man in a boat, put a ball in the boat).

3.- (Optional) Draw a red stripe in the top and a black one at the bottom (like Tamaulpias one)

4.- Draw the eyes, and u finished!


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