Daoismball, or Taoismball, is a philosophical religionball of Chinaball.


Daoismball born in IV century BC from Shenismball.

Daoismball is a Chinese philosophical religionball whose key concept is Dao, a word that in Chinese can mean "path," "road," "course," or "method."

For this tradition, the Dao is the underlying cosmic force that creates the universe, comprehending in itself the natural flow of appearance and disappearance of the phenomena, which emerge and return to it.

The most important text of Daoism, Dao Te Ching (Book of Path and Virtue, c. 300 BCE), declares that the Dao is the "source" of the universe, thus considered a creative principle, but not as a deity.

Daoismball didn't see himself like a religionball, in the Western sense of the term. It is a combination of teachings from various sources, manifesting itself as a system that may be philosophical, religious, or ethical. This tradition can also be presented as a worldview and way of life.

Nowadays, Daoismball is a praticated religion of Chinaball.

How to draw

Draw Daoismball is simple (if you know the Bagua):

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw the yin-yang symbol with the eight Bagua
  3. Draw the slant-eyes and you've finished.