The Congo Genocide also known as the rubber terror was the time when Belgiumball went to Congo and gained materials and supplies by having millions of Congolese slaves then murdering them for his own personal benefit and pleasure. The historic and tragic event led to Belgiumball leaving the Democratic Republic of the Congo in exile in Belgium and lead to Belgium colonizing DR Congo until the 1960s, almost half of the congo population. It is estimated that 10 million Congolese civilians lost their lives. Unfortunately, not a lot of people recognize the genocide because it was romanticized and justified by Belgium by Leopold claiming that "He abolish the east African slavery" in which the case was so far from true.


When the Scramble for Africa was brought as an idea in Berlin, Europe wanted to colonize Africa. Most europeans wanted to keep the coastlines and colonized big chunks. France-icon.png Franceball took West Africa while UK-icon.png Great Britan took most of East Africa. Some scattered areas due to ww1 such as Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball and Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball was split and taken by weaker European countries such as Spain-icon.png Spainball and Italy-icon.png Italyball. Since the Congo was such a tense rainforest without a coast, not many Europeans wanted to colonize it, so it was free, until Leopard the second of Belgium guess it was a good idea to take advantage of this.

The rubber factory

Since Europeans wanted to make a good investment in Africa, Leopard wanted to do the same in Africa. With the humongous unclaimed forest, Leonardo thought it would be a good idea to create rubber factories out of the trees. He "hired" villagers from rural areas do complete his dirty work, signing contracts in languages in which the tribal leaders cannot understand, for only of payment for some cotton and clothing.

Hands cutting and genocide

Leonardo hired workers and a private army from different colonial areas such as Rwanda-icon.png Rwandaball Uganda-icon.png Ugandaball to keep control of the Congolese slaves. If a Congolese citizen refused to follow orders and work, punishments are severe. Belgium and his private army were well known for chopping hands off of innocent workers. An estimated 10 million people or half of the population died from his reign of terror. People were shot at the stake when trying to escape. One by one Coglonese villagers get cruel punishments if the hand requirements were not met.

Congolese Civilians were

  • Shot to death
  • Karoshi (worked to death)
  • Starved to death
  • Murdered with knives
  • Hands were discarded
  • Villages burned
  • Forced to do deforestation
  • Convert out of their religions
  • Slavery
  • Extremely hard labor
  • Children and Adults had the same punishments


Modern-day Beligum now denies that the genocide ever happened and the awful crimes were never recorded in the Belgium history textbooks. Belgium never apologized for its cruel leader Leopold and even colonize the country themselves afterwards. The tense history between these countries lead towards the strong hatred of Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball among DR Congo-icon.png Democratic Republic of the Congoball simular to Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball hatred for Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball




Countries that denies the genocide

States that might recognize in the future


The congo genocide explanation

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