The Hagueball is the capital of South Hollandball and de facto capital of Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball. He's the home of all ministries of The Netherlandsball, the First (Senate) and Second chamber (parliament). He also owns the tribunal of UNball


The Hagueball was founded in 1230 by Duchy of Burgundyball and later adopted by Austrian Empireball, Seventeen Provincesball, Spanish Empireball, Dutch Republicball, Batavian Republicball, Kingdom of Hollandball, United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball and Netherlandsball.

His clay is the home of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange, and the International Court of Justice. He has also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest twice: in 1976 (because Netherlandsball won) and again in 1980 (he stepped in to help when Israelcube wasn't able to host and neither UKball nor Spainball wanted to step in).

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