Third Republic of Venezuelaball was the reestabilished unrecognized regime of Bolívar in the South American Caribbean littoral area, which got independent from the Spanish and later merged into Gran Colombiaball.

It is what today is known as Venezuelaball.

It wanted to remove all The Spanish after he got destroyed in his former entity, thing that he achieved.


After the Removal of the Second Republic, the Third Republic went and asked Jamaica if he could help to remove all of The Spanish, he said yes.

They started a fight, and after it started to become less effective, He went to ask for help.

Haitiball Came to help him. They continued the fight, and after a long war against the Spanish, there was some trouble that caused Venezuelaball to go and also get help from His Neighbors, but they only permitted Venezuelaball to get prepared in their clay, But they would not attack The Spanish.

Venezuelaball also Called for support.

The Support came and joined the cause after hearing Venezuelaball's call, Helping to remove The Spanish.

Venezuelaball asked Ecuadorball, New Granadaball and Panamaball If he was able to annex with them. They said it was Ok and created Gran Colombiaball Shortly after.

The Third Republic of Venezuelaball Finally achieved his independence.

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