Tibetan Empireball was an large and stronker than China empire in Asia.


In the 7th century, the people of Tibet-icon.png Tibetball stopped worshipping the Bönball, it became the Tibetan Empireball.

In order to maintain good diplomatic relations, Tibetan Empireball made friends with India Empireball, Gorkha Kingdom-icon.pngLicchavi Kingdomball and 1-icon.pngTangball.India Empireball taught him Buddhism and 1-icon.pngTangball brought him farming skills, many kinds of gifts, and the many techniques of you that can made him more stronker.1-icon.pngTangball also allowed him to marry their daughters.But later, Tibetan Empireball tried to attack 1-icon.pngTangball on 763 and he succeed this time.

After Tang's death, he became weak and Gugeball took his place, but that doesn't mean he dead.He and Gugeball worshiped Songball as his master.Songball wanted to attack Gugeball so that he can join him to kill Western Xiaball but failed, but he was finally successful to kill Gugeball when he was in a mess and built puppet regime on him.

He was anschlussed by 1-icon.png Jinball and Yuan-icon.png Yuanball in succession.



  • 1-icon.pngTangball: He he, I like this guy. Their emperor also allowed my kings to marry their daughters.They brought me farming skills, many kinds of gifts, and the many techniques of you that can made me more stronker. In return, I built her the Potala Palace.We were of best friend even though there are many battles between us, BUT SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE MINE! (However, it has not been realized.)
  • 1-icon.pngSongball: Another good master after 1-icon.pngTangball, also bring me technology and battle, and he built puppet regime on me.
  • India Empireball: Friend, bring me Buddhism.
  • Gorkha Kingdom-icon.pngLicchavi Kingdomball: Friend.


  • 1-icon.pngMingball: Well...you saved me!But it wasn't the way I wanted.I am a region of you now?Fine, I'll be satisfied with your oral wishes and you looks stupid than your grandfather.I'm independent actully, and you are also my second best friend.


  • Yuan-icon.pngYuanball: HOW COULD YOU ANSCHLUSS ME!Could someone saved me???I CAN'T REMOVE MONGOL!
  • Qing-icon.pngQingball: OMG!REMOVE YOUR DALAI LAMA AND PANCHEN ERDENI ON ME!I don't want to be a part of you, save me Ming!Manchu of worst!
  • Gugeball: TRAITOR! 

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