Tiflis Governorateball was a governorate of RussianEmpire-icon Russian Empireball, created after Russian Empireball dissolved Georgia-Imeretia Governorateball and rearranged a lot of his clay around. His clay included much of what is now the clay of Georgiaball, South Ossetiaball. Abkhaziaball, and parts of northern Armeniaball and northwestern Azerbaijanball.


In 1801, Russian Empireball anschlussed Kingdom of Kartli-Kakhetiball, and it became Georgia Governorateball. Then added Imeretiaball to him, making Georgia-Imeretia Governorateball. But in 1846 he changed his mind again, redistributed lots of clay around and dissolved Georgia-Imeretia Governorateball, creating Tiflis Governorateball, and making Tiflisball the capitalball (today Tbilisiball), also changing some of his cityball names into Russian. Still his clay was given to other Governorateballs and his boundaries weren't finalized until 1874.

Tiflis Governorateball was home to many ethnicities, including Georgiaballs, Russiaballs, Armeniaballs and Azeri Tatarballs, who mostly got along until Russian Empireball collapsed in 1917 and Transcaucasiaball took over for a few months. After he fell apart, DR Georgiaball was created and was into independence for a few years.

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